ABODA Qld is the peak professional organisation for orchestra and band conductors in Queensland.  Our mission statement is clearly stated within our logo:  ‘Empowering You to Make Better Music.’

We are an organisation that is managed by members, for the betterment of all ensemble directors.  We firmly believe that as a collaborative community, we are best able to assist conductors of all ages and experience enhance the musical outcomes for their ensembles.  True engagement through quality musical experiences are what our ensemble members crave; it is our responsibility to assist each other in ensuring we meet this expectation to the best of our ability.

Musical engagement of our ensembles will enhance the musical engagement of our broader community.  As social beings, we want to share that which we enjoy!  Our ensembles will promote the benefits of playing music together through their joy and participation, attracting audiences to witness the magic of communing with joy through music.  As cultural leaders in context, it is our responsibility to foster that joy and propagate it throughout society.

ABODA Qld is a network.  A network of committed, energised, and passionate ensemble directors looking to spread this joy of music making.  We are here to share our combined knowledge with you – we look forward to you sharing your time and experience, no matter your situation, with us! 

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